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Designer Embroidered Sarees

The highlight of Embroidered Sarees are vibrant colour contrasts, rich patterns, sparkling mirror work and use of expensive stones. Embroidered saree are famous for their royal look and rich feel. Indian embroidered saree comes in different styles and designs. Embroidered Indian sarees in resham, gota patti, zari, gold & silver threads work are preferred for wedding and formal occasions. The simple thread embroidered saris are also popular. Any saree whether silk, crepe, cotton, georgettee gets an enhanced look with embroidery.

Wearing sari in wedding is traditional fashion but nowadays all of love it. Embroidered bridal saris are the most worn attire by brides nowadays. Wear embroidered saris in wedding bridal look are mind-blowing. Certainly every bride wants to gleam on her wedding so as to look unique. Embroidered Sarees adorn bride in a beautiful manner and greatly enhance her beauty. They also give her a complete look and great glow. It is hard to take eyes off bride wearing embroidered Saree.

Fascinating embroidery design all over the saris attracts every onlooker attention. Bride herself also feels very high or rich wearing it. It gives elegant and royal feel while walking and sitting or bride does not feel less than a queen. Also the combined effect of the shine of embroidered bridal saris and bride's face glow leaves a mind blowing effect on everybody's mind presented in wedding include groom. Due to this all brides greatly admire embroidered saris.

Extreme beauty of embroidered sarees is presented through variety in its designs, style, fabric and colors. Because of their suitability for every bride by being available in variety they have achieved high status. Their ranges are beyond expression. Thus enjoy you wedding by wearing embroidered Saree of your taste and take spirit of occasion to heights.

First let's describe about its various color and styles. By keeping traditional and contemporary both brides in mind embroidered Saree come in all colors i.e. red, maroon, pink, green, blue, purple, brown, lemon, gold, silver etc. Brides can statement in any color Saree of their choice. Just like variety in colors, embroidered saris also come in various styles ranging from traditional to modern all. A-line style, fish cut style, mermaid style, straight cut, fitted, flared etc. are some of the styles of embroidered saris. Their versatile nature is also greatest reason which has earned them great admiration. Beauty and Versatility together makes a great pair.

Now let's take the most important ‘Embroidery Design' into consideration. India is famous for its embroidery since times. Also with time its embroidery designs has keep evolving. Different embroideries include thread embroidery work, beaded embroidery, sequin work, appliqué work, stone work, patch work, cutwork, mirror work, chikan embroidery, and needle embroidery; crochet embroidery, floral embroidery etc. These are diverse Indian embroideries of which bridal embroidered saris are made. Bride can opt for any embroidery design Saree for her wedding that she finds most appealing. All design is unique in own way.

Gold and silver threads embroidered saris are highly chosen by brides. Certainly they are costly but wedding is also a onetime occasion and spending on bridal saris is worthwhile. Its memories you will cherish for the lifetime and looking and wearing good matters much for cherishing. Yes one thing keep in mind while choosing the embroidered Saree that color and thread used for designing should enhance bride well as she has to wear it on her greatest occasion of life.

Embroidery on saris is an indication of festivity and richness. It is just wonderful. Simple Sarees should be completely avoided by brides on wedding as there will be many other occasions to wear them. True fact is simple saris do not look that appealing on brides.

Designer Wedding Sarees

Wedding is the most important day in a girl’s life. It’s the day when all eyes are on the bride and the groom. Indian wedding starts three days before the wedding. Indian wedding is full of vibrant colors. Brides want to make this auspicious day of their life special by wearing designer Wedding Sarees with accessories. Basically red is considered to be the most favorite color of an Indian bride.

Wedding Sarees and its Significance

Saree is the traditional dress of Indian ladies. In ancient times saree was the only clothing worn by the Indian ladies. But now this trend has changed, ladies are wearing jeans, skirts and gowns. But when it comes to weddings, Indians stick to their tradition of Wedding Sarees. In olden times wedding sarees were heavy and difficult to wear. Even though they were made of pure silk, they were very bulky.

Fashion designers have revolutionized the concept of Wedding Saree. Now a day’s wedding saree are light with detailed work and comes in all kinds of vibrant color. This makes the bride at ease and enjoys each and every moment of her wedding day. Banarasi and kanchipuram silk tops the list of the favorite wedding saree among brides. Imitating bollywood trend is the basic nature of Indian brides. This helps in updating their fashion knowledge.

Wedding Sarees in bollywood trends

Saree is the traditional dress of Indian women and Bollywood is the name given to Indian film industry. Both are extremely popular. Bollywood films and stars are a craze among the masses. People tend to imitate the dressing style of the film stars. If the film or the song in the film becomes a hit, many small manufacturers imitate the design and sell it in the market. Bollywood sarees are designed by fashion designers and thus imbibes both styles and tradition.

Violet and purple are the current Bollywood color. Being a vivacious color when it is coupled with sequence work it gives a chick look. This kind of saree is basically see through and is best for evening parties. Chiffon, georgette and crape material saree are basically used in parties. They are not only light weight but also hugs your body making you look slimmer. Intricate zari work and embellishments make this saree more attractive. Kanchipuram silk gives a royal look. They are enhanced with golden thread work, making it more vibrant. Use of sequins, stones, kundans, beads, coins, ribbon work etc. enhances the beauty of the saree.

Printed saree is also a hit in the Bollywood. They come in pure georgette and faux crepe material. They come in different color. Some of the very trendy sarees are chottu sarees, saree gown, jeans and saree etc.

Wedding Saree is also inspired by Bollywood trends. Use of different colors, sequins, stones and stitching are greatly influenced by Bollywood. Wedding saree in red, pink or lavender is generally selected for the auspicious occasion. Golden zari work done by skilled craftsman is in high demand as it makes the saree look rich and vibrant. Make your wedding day special with right choice of wedding saree.

Designer Party Wear Sarees

The end of the year heralds in the festivities, with tons parties and weddings around the corner. The festive season fun as it may be, strikes confusion in the hearts of many women as they sit in front of their seemingly empty wardrobes. And let's not forget the endless rounds of mithai and cocktails that come back to haunt us while trying on cocktail dresses. Fear not…one of the easiest and most flattering options for party wear sarees is the ever-green!

As we take a closer look from the lower part of this traditional attire, a dark mauve color has a thin strip of zari that has diagonal strips of golden thread carefully woven into it. A broad mauve patch has moderately spaced huge floral motifs embroidered with sequins and beads. This flawless embroidery is well placed and done firmly with fine threads. The next layer starts with beige color whose territory is outlined by a thin zari line that runs perfectly with no mistakes whatsoever. Once again we have the floral motifs, this time more closely spaced. Also, in addition to this we have small spotted bead work. Above this, once again we have the zari separation from which the brown territory begins with the super hit floral motif on it. As this outfit reaches the upper part of the torso, stripes appear. Floral motifs are arranged in striped lines parallel to each other. Next to which thin sari lines are arranged parallel to each other.

The borders are beautifully emphasized with bugle beaded work. The blouse of the saree is also embroidered with decorative stripes using sequins and beads. This garment is sure to be a stunner in any party. The georgette party wear sarees and saree blouse would draw people to have a closer look. The alternations of both colors and designs are done with deep textile experience and minute skill. As you might see, distribution of the design is a tough job by itself. Executing the design into fabric and that too flawlessly needs a mastermind in the background. But then, everyone is too awestruck to go digging into those details and you win the accolades!

A few tips for choosing the perfect party wear sarees for you:
  • Sarees come in a plethora of beautiful fabrics like chiffons, georgettes, silk, satin, cottons, lace etc. Light-weight sarees made of chiffon and georgette are a good choice if you are going to be hitting the dance floor. Find the fabric that you feel mostly comfortable in; some women prefer the draping of a pure silk while others like the fluidity of georgette or crepe.
  • Mirror-work, sparkling bead-work and metallic thread work are always popular. You can be as subtle or as glittery as you like, depending on the occasion. Experiment with different looks.
  • Have fun with the blouse. Halter neck, backless and strappy blouses are the rage nowadays. Play with different neck lines and backs to find the style that suits your body-type and style sensibility the best. Long sleeved blouses are also a trend right now, perfect for those living in colder climes.
  • Try different draping methods; there are a variety of draping styles and each can give you a different look and can highlight your body and the saree work to its best.
  • Search for different prints and colors. Graphic and animal prints, two-toned sarees and a modern floral all add a new twist to this old favourite.

Designer Bridal Sarees

Indian Bridal wear in nearly all parts of India are lavishly embroidered with eminent end stitching, beads and progression work. Full of artistic work, Indian Bridal sarees is more than a saree to women as that moment of love breathes in it. The basic colour of bridal sari is red that gives a different look to the bride that day. Red sari is regarded as propitious because it has numerous emotional, sexual and fertility-related qualities.

The Bridal sari has been beautified with awesome stitching and ornamentation on the fabric like Zari work, embroidery work, organza work, zardosy work, cut work, mirrors, patchwork, sequins work, pearl work, kasab work, kundans, silver aari work, tikki work, coin work, heavy naksh work, antique work and stone work. The blouse worn along with it is equally gorgeous.

Indian bridal sarees come in different fabrics from cotton to silk, from georgettes to crapes. There is no limit as far as variety is concerned in Indian bridal saris. This is because every part of India manufactures its own a typical style in terms of the weaves, embroidery and fabric.

Silk sarees are the favored choice of most Indian brides. Smooth and rich, the silk fabric is the wedding sari that is found in rich colors making them a feast for the eyes. Indian bridal saree are also made on fabrics like satin, crepe, chiffon etc. the sari can be embroidered on the border and pallav or a particular type of a design can be used to enhance the sari in whole.

A dazzling variety of tie & dye bridal sarees with the use of rich embroidery and embellishment work are also available. The bandhej sarees give the enchanting color of happiness, Italian crepe block printed sarees, leheriya georgette bridal sari, silk gharchola bridal sari are the other famed designer bridal saree. The gharchola sarees are mostly in red or maroon. 

The border-work is wide with heavy needle-work, stones, mirrors, beads, zari and sequins. It bears the heritage of the previous generations when red and maroon were the only auspicious colors. There is also the Panetar sari. These are usually white or beige-based silk with bright red or maroon with light embroidered border.

Any married lady's most memorable, most treasured and most loved ensemble is her bridal wear, teamed with a perfect blouse! In-fact, more than just being a gorgeous outfit, Indian bridal wear makes moments most special.

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Find a huge variety of sarees collections such as embroidered sarees, printed sarees, casual sarees, party wear sarees, wedding sarees, bridal sarees, brasso sarees, chiffon sarees, brasso sarees and crepe sarees. We have marvelous collections of Indian Sarees with latest designs and styles.

Beautiful designer sarees collections from Ganga Saris, adding new taste of fashion flavors to your style and look. Look gorgeous every time while wearing sarees with latest designs, styles and fame.

Ganga Saris have plenty varieties of Indian Sarees manufactured in different types of cloth. The cost of Saree varies according to the quality of cloth and work done by artisans on Sari. Saree available in different varieties are:- Pure silk Sari, Silk blended Sari, Art silk Sari, Cotton Sari, Cotton Blended Sari, Georgette Sari, Chiffon Sari, Crape Sari, Brasso Sarees, Polyester Sari, Synthetic Sari.

Sarees have been a personification of the Indian tradition and culture. The Indian markets are full with a variety of bridal collections. These collections include millions of designer clothes in the form of bridal wear. The Indian bridal sarees are available in an assortment of colors and intricate designs. In India, brides usually titivate pink or red colored sarees on their wedding. Most of the women like to show off designer sarees on wedding ceremonies and other social functions. Designer footwear and bridal sarees have become the order of the day. The designer sarees are enriched with mirror work, intricate embroidery work and rich. These bequeath an eerie appearance to the wearer.

Ganga saris has the largest collection of Indian Sarees at the most reasonable price which can be purchased online and are delivered all over the world. Wedding Saree, Lehenga Style sarees, Embroidered Saree, Georgette Saree, Butterfly Pallu Saree, Crepe Sarees, Printed Sarees, Silk Saree, Kanjivaram Silk Saree, Cotton Sarees are few of the most popular Sarees.

Traditional Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez

The Salwar kameez is the second most popular Indian and Pakistani dress after saree and is gaining in popularity fast with the younger generation. The Indian/Pakistani salwar kameez too has had many design changes.

Tradition is always at Top

The new designers have come up with great variations of the Salwar kameez. But then India and Pakistan is a country that believes in the traditional clothes. Inspite of new designs on salwar kameez, women community of both countries still loves to wear traditional Salwar Suit.

Traditional Salwar Kameez has specific design.


Salwar or bottom part is a sort of loose Pajama like trouser. In the traditional design, it is wide from top. It has 4 to 5 inches belt attached to rest part of the salwar which is pleated. Upper part of the belt has tunnel for drawstring.

Salwar has big room at thigh and calf area. Salwar has almost double bottom size as the circumference of the ankle so as to make proper space for the feet to put inside for wearing.


Traditional Kameez is normally long up to knee with wide circumference (Gher) and with full sleeves. It is almost fully covered from the back as back neck line depth like 2-3" and medium low at the front like 6-7" inches as front neck line depth. It is wide or broad at neck like 6-7" inches to put the head into the Kameez. That is, kameez is normally found long upto knee, lengthy sleeves, medium neck and low back depth.

Fabric & Work

Not only the cut of the salwar kameez, but also the design and pattern makes a difference to the traditional salwar kameez. It is available in all kinds of fabric, colours, patterns and design.

Traditional salwar kameez includes a lot of style and work like,

  • Intricate mirrorwork
  • Bead work
  • Zardozi
  • Zari
  • Dabka
  • Kashmiri
  • Kundan
  • Chikankari
  • Phulkari handwork in silver and golden threads
  • Floral prints
  • Beautiful motifs in checks, rajasthani, batik, bandhej, jaipur
  • Tie dye pattern

Asian girls and women looks hot and beautiful after wearing traditional salwar kameez, I will say, it is one of the best dress for female which gives them beauty with modesty.

Designer Casual Salwar Kameez

Casual Salwar Kameez can be of cotton, chiffon or any other fabric. Cotton is the best salwar kameez as casual wear. They are cool, flowing and elegant. Fancy shalwar kameez are suitable for any occasion, casual or formal. Casual salwar suits are available in designs ranging from ethnic chic to traditional to modern prints, in a wide range of fabrics.

Women of all sizes can wear these outfits with confidence. These sets are available in various prints, color schemes and styles. The casual styling and light colors and mild embroideries give these garments its appeal.

The casual Indian salwar kameez are wonderfully comfortable, ideal for the long hot Indian summer. Casual salwar kameez can be used both for daily wear and office or college wear.

Salwar Kameez is popular as its comfortable to wear in day to day casual wear and also in wedding, functions and ceremonies. Salwar Kameez is made in various fabrics like georgette salwar kameez, chiffon salwar kameez, net salwar kameez, satin salwar kameez, cotton salwar kameez, silk salwar kameez and various other fabrics including the latest trend of fusion fabrics which is mix of the above and synthetic fabric.

During those days it was men and women both used to wear salwar kameez as part of the traditional dress but over the years Salwar Kameez has found its popularity in India the salwar kameez is still worn in the continent.

Latest Salwar Kameez Collections

With you can found marvelous design and stylish salwar kameez collections 2011, you can surf for huge and wide ranges of fancy salwar kameez clothing collection for women for party wear, bridal wear and wedding wear, you can shop online for wide varieties of salwar kameez.

Latest Salwar Kameez Collections / Shop Salwar Kameez Online

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Party Wear Salwar Kameez

Party wear salwar kameez is known to be the most amazing and adorable Indian outfit. Be it a casual meeting with friends or one has to attend a high profile wedding, party wear salwar suits always hold an essence and be on priority.

Be it social gatherings or one has invitees to attend business parties, it simply relates with multiplying business encouraging building up of social contacts.
Party wear salwar kameez have got an exceptional grace and beauty that make them stand as top priority for all. Such occasions call for the need to flaunt individual style and grace. The salwar kameez having finest trends are designed in line with latest fashion is carried perfectly by women of all ages.

Looking fresh and stylish is what can be said as the need of every party host and can be said as a pre-requisite for those who want to show off preference for latest fashion. 

When it comes to selection it is required on the part of women to go very selective with the kind of outfits that will compliment her personality and age. It is up to a woman’s selection wishes to select the best outfit to get dressed in. The latest salwar kameez trends showcase the best of fashions, glamour and grace.

Party salwar suits are not only preferred in India perhaps stand as the best option for women to fix their choice all across the globe. Designer salwar suits are common, trendy and can be said as the most adored apparel. Party wear can be made classy; causal as regular wear at the same time can fit well in the need to make you look glamorous in parties.

Also, the party wears are designed taking up a variety of fabrics that stand suitable to be worn in all types of weathers and climates. These designer suits are made available in various sizes, styles and shapes that match up to the theme of the party.
Mentioning the most common party wear apparel featured by Indian fashion wears, Anarkali style salwar kameez tops the list. The befitting quality that rests with this type of apparel is that it suits every type of body make the wearer look lesser than his actual age. For the fact that it lends a glamorous and young look to the wearer it is preferred to be worm by women of all ages.

The fusion of Indian and western styles make the exclusive Indo-western salwar kameez. All what is changed is that in place of sleeves, these trendy Salwar kameez has got spaghetti straps. They fit well for any type occasion, be it casual or formal.

Wedding Salwar Kameez

Weddings are elaborate affairs in India with events spreading out into a series of ceremonies. The wedding salwar kameez is more in fashion in Punjab and other northern states of India. Though lehnga cholies and sarees too can be seen in a wedding, but wedding salwar kameez have always been the flavor of the wedding season. Lehnga cholies may temporarily go out of favor, but not the wedding salwar kameez. Most wedding salwar kameez are heavily embroidered using golden threadwork. This makes them dazzle in the fancy lights of a marriage party. Women supplement their dazzling presence with heavy jewelry that includes intricately designed gold necklaces, dangling earrings, and bracelets and bangles. The idea is to outshine others.

Most gorgeous women wear the salwar kameez on such formal occasions since it adds to their panache, accentuating their already tall and slim figure. The pleats in the salwar add a touch of elegance to the woman's gait.

Depending what a woman prefers, the embroidery on the salwar kameez can comprise booti work, cufdana work, dori embroidery, gota patti work, kundan work, sippy work, sitara work or zari work. Costs vary according to the type and amount of embroidery work done. Come wedding season, and you will find women of all ages thronging the markets to make their pick of a wedding salwar kameez.

Salwar Kameez has got a makeover in the form of necklines, cuts, embroidered or sequenced work and designer patterns. Wedding Salwar Kameez is very important for women because they want to look different and prominent in Weddings.

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